Monday, 16 March 2009

shovel build update...

OK bugger off Austin.. I began the final lap on the bike build today with a few corrections to parts that have been bothering me. Firstly I reduced the sissy bar height at the same time as going over the welds to make it super-neat looking as I'm not planning on polishing or plating it at present on the grounds of expense. I'm very satisfied with the results of that little exercise. I also tweaked my trick manifold to minimise & even out the gaps to the head - although it will have rubber mounting seals, I wanted to ensure it has the best possible fit. I added in a small tab to the lower lhs frame rail for fitting a chain tensioner if that is required - I hope not.. Next I refitted my rear pipe end section, the ERW seam was visible and again I don't plan on plating the pipes so it just looks better now. That was about it and tomorrow I will start on finishing the rest of the welding including over-welding the pipe seams to get them really neat. I will be stripping the frame down to get it onto the bench where I can get at the welds so I can do them really neat & quickly. There's quite a bit to do but it won't take too long. I might post a few pics tomorrow. When the welds are done I will prep the frame for paint. The re-cleared fender is drying out slowly: I just hope the finish stays shiny as I won't flat back & polish if I don't need to. I need to flat the tank back in a week or 2, then pinstripe it (or have someone do it) then I can put the last clear on - probably 7 or 8 coats over the pinstripes - I prefer that method myself. Paint makes me nervous though, period..

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