Sunday, 8 March 2009

Room 101 (# 1)

Jeremy Clarkson. Fuck yes, get this jerk off of the TV now and into Room 101. There isn't a thing in the known solar system that he can't taint with his "witty banter" and smug commentaries. I don't care how cool the subject - hand built third scale Ferraris, the Confederate Airforce, I just gotta watch with the sound off or I'm going to throw something at the set. Top Gear (R.I.P.)? That's dumbed-down to the point it's target audience has gotta be hormonal X-box generation teenagers with the attention span of a crack addict. I mean how many moody opposite-lock clips on 100 ft wide runways does a guy need to see? Wanna see stuff blown up? Watch YouTube. Shit.. Then there's his dress sense! Or is that a joke that I'm not getting? My condolences to his wife and family, you have my sympathy. I mean that. Ain't I a bitch..

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