Monday, 24 December 2012

Xmas 2012


Petrol launch party..


Downtown L.A. for the launch of Petrol..


Then summer was over..

2012 went by sooo quickly..

Seems just a few days ago that we were camping in the long summer evening at  BornFree..

Merry Xmas to friends new & old...

Petrol Motorcycle Magazine..

$10 from us direct - plus p&p. Subscriptions available soon too..

Petrol Motorcycle Magazine..

Petrol Motorcycle Magazine..

I chose a custom format.. just a smidge smaller than the last mag.. The finished product puts me in mind of a surf journal somewhat.. It's a departure in style but I'm super pleased with how it all came together!

Petrol Motorcycle Magazine..

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to be back representing the best of our lifestyle - or "scene" as some call it.. Oscar and Bryan, my able partners in crime made a fantastic job of the printing - deciding on really heavy and high quality paper..

Petrol Motorcycle Magazine..

I know folk that dug Junk are gonna dig this too, but I'm so over the whole hype-it-up scene that I have barely mentioned that we got Petrol started to anyone..

Petrol Motorcycle Magazine..

We have features on cool rides on 4 as well as 2 wheels; from builders backstreet and renowned..

Petrol Motorcycle Magazine..

72 pages, just a couple adverts at front & back, Petrol is I feel, the natural progression from Junk Motorcycle Mag..

Petrol Motorcycle Magazine now ready..

Yep we have it available now!

Friday, 21 December 2012


Bend it and mend it...

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Heroin Motorcycle Magazine - actual cover!

OK me hearties.. I got back from Born Free safe and sound - what a show that was - yes I'm gonna have a somewhat belated report in Heroin issue #1 September 2012 but you know it's gonna be the best report right? Loads of gorgeous porny shots of the best and the worst of the finest one day show in CA..
I took a preview issue of HEROIN Motorcycle Magazine to the show - a 36 page mock-up which I showed to a few potential advertisers and this is gonna be the real issue #1 cover - I made this shot during a shoot a week ago in San Diego on a great lil Triumph Bonneville..

Monday, 18 June 2012

New motorcycle magazine..

I'm working on a brand new magazine project now. Since the unfortunate demise of my last title I have been researching local bars and their products and after some additional work back at the computer the new cover is ready. Now just need to complete the rest of the rag! Happy days.

New truck... wow!

This is Betty - as in Betty Ford.. We got her recently and she's a '71 100 model with a 360 cu in motor and four on the floor transmission.. Full length bed will be cool for haulin' bikes etc.. Hey I mean haulin' them during builds not to events I hope.. I had to sort the clutch linkage out and replace the starter motor.. oh and fix the fuel gauge too but she's good now - fingers crossed! Sweet backdrop courtesy Mr M.O.

Finally - a build update!!

This is where I got to so far on the knucklehead - still awaiting the motor which is being rebuilt by my friend Mike. Now progress has been good considering we had to move recently but after some furious last minute work into the wee hours I rolled out the bike to the truck when leaving day came! My good friend Oscar supplied the incredible springer front end - super slick and very narrow. I found that initially I had to instal the front wheel minus the brake plate but after some calculations and a bit of head-scratching I have found a way to get the brake installed in this fork & working.. It's all good. I've designed some really cool 'bars - well, I stole a design and changed it to the size I wanted actually! Gonna fab those next. Get bent..

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Knuckle build update..

My new front wheel - an aluminum 21" DID from an '82 Yamaha TT250 with a nice useable trials type tire on it found it's way to chez Whiz yesterday while we were having a party to celebrate my wife Susie's 50th birthday.. I propped it up in the position it'll be with a springer front end.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Knucklehead build update..

Here's a taster.. Awaiting delivery of the front end and some other parts next week.. The motor is having some machining done to the bottom end and parts will be ordered for the rebuild as soon as some extra dough has flowed too! I'm going to tack the gas tank together next and get a fender that'll flow and suit that p-pad and a small sissy bar..

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Knuckle build...


Knuckle build..

Some clearcoat info I needed for when I paint the tank..

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Knucklehead build..

I'm going to be cleaning up the inside of the tank halves thoroughly as they're a bit oily - ish. Then I'm going to tack it up with my flux wire welder ready for TIG'ing. I have ordered a gas cap & bung - and a lil' bung for a petcock too.. If the tank comes out as I hope I will use it on this build & keep the other tank I bought for the next bike.

Knuckle build..

Just a lil' taster of the style - that's an ol' seat I bought offa Ebay too - was 'sposed to be a Bates.. hell I'll probably get a genuine one of those one day..

Knuck build..

Rear view.. Btw my tasty patina'd brake plate I got off of the 'bay from Kentucky sits waiting patiently for the 18" sportster wheel to arrive from New York..

Knuck build..

This was what I removed..

Knuck build..

I was a bit surprised just how good the tank looked after the butchery..

Knuck build..

Aw, hell.. while I was out there in the yard with the tools handy I chopped the center out of that new sporty tank cuz I really dig that narrow slinky look when the tunnel area is removed - I wanted to mount the tank frisco style anyways..

Knuck build..

..I wanted to clear some room to mount my Sportster gas tank..

Knuckle build progress..

I shaved off some metal in the frame neck area today - tried to keep it looking nice as I love the old Harley castings BUT..

Monday, 23 April 2012

Knucklehead build..

I have got done on Ebay for now - I have junk winging it's way from all over the country which hopefully we can make work for this build! I'm also going to pop over to Mike O's tomorrow all being well - we're gonna get a parts list together for the bottom end of the '47 motor & put in an order for what we need - get the ball rolling.. I'm going to need a few more dead presidents for the transmission and a carb etc - but the plan is to roughly assemble the bike and get the ol' motor rebuilt then tackle the final details as funds permit.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Knucklehead build progress..

OK Sorry no pictures yet but I have been busy scouring for parts to get this build on track.. I'm going down the patina route this time - wish I had last time as things ended up a little too "new" and soul-less for my tastes these days on my shovelhead build a couple years back. I've found a nice 18" early sportster rear wheel - with tire too; a nice patina'd steel brake plate/innards - just need a rear drum now & that's the back end sorted.. I needed to get cheaper at the front having paid about $200 for the rear wheel/tire complete so I went Japanese (as last time) & found a 21" Yamaha or Honda aluminum DID rim laced with decent sized spokes to a small drum brake & a trials type tire fitted too.. $70 inc. shipping from AZ. Cool..
I have found a great looking gas tank - basically a narrowed sporty design - but it's new & built that way - that limits me to a raw or painted finish - no patina on this piece; seat-wise I have my eye on another original '70s solo seat in vinyl - that may get too pricy on EB for me though. I am also bidding on a plain steel oil bag - again new but a nice shape cylindrical tank. It gets fun Ebaying when you get in the swing of it again!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Knucklehead build..

I turned my attention to the frame - don't know any history with this frame but I can see that probably it was raked out in the seventies sometime - then returned somewhat to stock with a neck casting welded back in - probably without using a jig. The frame is a little out of alignment but I know I can straighten it up - I grabbed some paint stripper and got to work to get it back to metal - this gave me that first thrill of seeing how my new ride is gonna look - I'm going to go with a nice raw frame - lots of patina there already.. Luvverly!

Knucklehead build..

Mike has seen a lot of older Harley motors over the years & rebuilt a whole bunch of them - he told me that the thrust in the rods at the big end had been lost - possibly due to an over-tight set-up - resulting in excess heat and abnormal wear. There may have been an oiling issue too - who knows? One of the main bearing outer races in the case had even loosened. The inside of the cases looked good though - no nasty surprises there. There was also wear in the cylinder bores - at +.030" now - we agreed that a .010" cut would sort that and new +.050" jugs & rings will be used. I need a new crank-pin - probably gonna use a three hole oiling version. Mike is going to take care of all the fiddly engineering jobs as he has the tools, jigs and the experience too! I want to watch and continue to pick up as much knowledge as possible though..
We are going to toss the camshaft too.

Knucklehead build..

We headed over to my friend Mike's 'shop nearby to show him the knuckle motor for his appraisal: I whipped the cases apart & Mike split the flywheel assembly whilst I watched to learn how it was done. A small fixture to hold the crank whilst the crankpin nuts were loosened & the tapers broken came in handy and all was soon revealed..

Knucklehead build..

Sharing space with my ever patient wife Suzie..

Knucklehead build..

I just feel so lucky to get hold of a knuckle motor to be honest..

Knucklehead build..

Before anything else I had a play around to see how the timing side of the motor worked and find out if anything obvious was missing or worn.. I could feel wear in the cam journals & or bushings although the cam lobes were OK. The oil pump worm gear on the crankshaft pinion shaft was missing as was the breather gear.. Most everything else was present though which is cool.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Knucklehead build..

Gonna go see the frame today - check that out, also pop over to Mike Olsen's and show him the motor see if we can work out a plan to get her makin' noise again soon..

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Knucklehead build..

It's nice working indoors..

Knucklehead build..

I whipped the top end off the Knuck today ready for my buddy Mike Olsen to inspect..

Monday, 2 April 2012

Knucklehead build..

Feels a bit like Xmas.. But I'm gonna keep my feet firmly planted and hope that the motor is as good as it looks from first impressions. I'm hoping that we'll be looking at an inspection and wet build rather than a total rebuild now. Fingers crossed! Going to take the motor over to a friend who's an experienced vintage Harley man for a look see before anything else..


I'll take the motor - less trouble from the missus'..


I been waiting all weekend - oh, and a few years I 'spose too for this day.. It's a bit like staring at Emma Stone - naked and ready! Oh OK I'm just an ol' pervert sure..

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Knuckle build - the parts search..

Located a frame for the new build - it's an original and fairly unmolested '49 wishbone fresh from a barn someplace..

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

New Year.. New motorcycle build finally!

After a long period of reflection I decided to sell my '58 Panhead motor & transmission. Problem was it was over in England & I am living Stateside now.. I dreamed of the bike I was going to build for that motor born the same year as me but plans just got messed up in the move. I found a nice replacement in this '47 FL on Ebay this week though & I hope to document the new build here and in JUNK Motorcycle Magazine too.
Happy Days..