Monday, 23 April 2012

Knucklehead build..

I have got done on Ebay for now - I have junk winging it's way from all over the country which hopefully we can make work for this build! I'm also going to pop over to Mike O's tomorrow all being well - we're gonna get a parts list together for the bottom end of the '47 motor & put in an order for what we need - get the ball rolling.. I'm going to need a few more dead presidents for the transmission and a carb etc - but the plan is to roughly assemble the bike and get the ol' motor rebuilt then tackle the final details as funds permit.


  1. Hey Billy

    Just got word that Trapplet aren't publishing Junk anymore. You done with the mag now? Tis a shame dude. Best mag I've subscribed to for long time.


  2. No! Junk M/C Mag will continue - a formal announcement will be made as soon as ink is dry on the paperwork for me to re-aquire the title outright.. The plan is to publish quarterly again.

    1. Great stuff. Is the kinda mag I'd publish if I had the gumption n balls. Wishing you success. I'll look for the announcement on the blog. Cheers bud.