Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Shovel, as we left her...

I'm looking forward to getting on with this bike too now, I'm going to redo the tank paint and get a stock inlet manifold & graft the custom one onto that so the super B just sticks out a little over stock..

Inspired by...

Way cool Knuck..

Inspired by...

I love the lines & stance of this Jesse James bike too and it's all the better for NOT having an en vogue retro lace & pinstriped paint job - some of those are starting to look a little cheesy IMO.. It's a sick frame.

Inspired by...

..or rigid! Loving the bars on this bike big time..

Inspired by...

Output from Japan.. To be honest - at the moment anyway, I believe they're in a class of their own as far as design & style goes: swingarm?

Strange summer (continued..)

Btw I had to remove the music from the blog as it kept crashing my browser! Sorry if you dug some of the tunes but I will restore it when I can work it all out. In the meantime I'm gonna post some inspiration pics gathered over the last few weeks. Here we go then..

Strange summer.. part2

Due to selling the house, I had to put my Shovelhead bike on the back burner just when I was looking forward to hearing her make noise & then trying the damn thing out! BUT things will be back on track just as soon as I get installed in my new abode - wherever that may be..

Strange summer..

Yep, it has been an odd one for me but slowly things are progressing on the domestic front and my thoughts have started to clear again thank God. I'm about to start sketching on another bike project involving a new frame design and a Triumph pre-unit motor & gearbox..