Monday, 25 January 2010

Indio view...

I thought it was surreal to see snow covered mountains behind palm trees.. That's California!

Indio, CA...

The 86 highway from Salton City north has some of the longest, straightest stretches of road I've ever ridden along.
I sat cruising at 85 mph for what must have been nearly 10 minutes numerous times before reaching a curve..

Salton Sea..

This is a view of the Salton Sea, 40 miles east of Borrego Springs; it's a large inland stretch of water 30 miles long by about 10 miles wide. I followed it north along the 86 highway..

Riding East..

There was evidence up in Julian of substantial snowfall at the weekend & last week during the stormy weather. I nipped thru the twisty bits paying heed to the occasional sand and gravel on the road edges. Once down the mountain again I was burning along those seemingly endless desert roads east..

Riding again...

It rained most of last week, 'till sunday when I had to go up to the swapmeet in Long Beach (found nothing!) so today I was itchin' for a bit of riding again.. It was stunning too so I headed east thru Borrego.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Julian Pie!

The apple crumble served is awesome, actually this had some peach in it too...

Food stop..

Stopped in at the Julian Pie Co. store in Santa Ysabel on the way home..

Borrego Springs...

It really IS riding heaven here.. in between the challenging twisty stuff you can relax and admire the scenary on straight roads which seem to go on forever..

Borrego Springs..

This old place was just sooo cool..

Borrego Springs Desert..

I just love these weird fellas...

Borrego Springs Desertscape..

Some of the Cacti are really amazing although few flowers yet..

Borrego Springs..

Rode out to Borrego Springs this afternoon to escape thoughts of the promised rains due this week..

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Cook's Corner..

Called in at Cook's Corner bar for a burger..

Hells Kitchen Bar..

Not too busy today..

LookOut Bar...

Lake Elsinore..

Rode out to the north a little today, up the Ortega Highway overlooking Lake Elsinore..

Friday, 15 January 2010

SoCal Views..

It's easy to get blase about the terrain around here but I keep telling myself I will miss the riding opportunities (and the weather) once back in England!

SoCal Views..

SoCal Views..

A Red Tailed.. aww forget it - a big bird anyways!

SoCal Views..

I found this pretty spectacular hole.. I didn't hang about near it for long!

SoCal Views...

Lake Henshaw..

SoCal Views..

Somewhere the road suddenly ended..

Palomar Mountain..

I sneaked up (and down..) Palomar Mountain a couple times this week, when it was free of crotch rocket crazies.. The views are amazing, & the drops off the roadside edge scary when you stop to examine them..

Riding a lot since Xmas..

Seizing the opportunity afforded by the very warm temperatures since Xmas I have been getting out and about on the Sporty in the mountains and canyons here in San Diego..