Friday, 2 December 2011

Junk Motorcycle Magazine Issue #5..

Issue #5 (phew that means Junk has been in existance for one whole year now..) is out later on next week I hear from t'office. Not seen it in pulp yet myself & some of you will have it in your hands before I do as I am flying to California one day before it's bound and collected from the printers this time.. Enjoy!

Comin' home for Xmas..

Only a few days left before I up sticks for California to be reunited with my wife Suzy and believe me I'm counting the hours down like a kid waiting for Xmas! It's been a challenge for both of us being separated so soon after getting wed but we've coped by a bit of Skyping and a bunch of expensive cell calls.. Military families separated by distance and time you are in my thoughts now - may your reunions be as soon as possible - and happy holidays everyone!