Thursday, 27 January 2011

Issue #2 Junk - Todd's Trump in the mix now.. :)

Anybody need a flyer for issue #2? - then just rip it straight off here- use the expanded pic by clicking onto the smaller one here - you'll get a better image size I think. Diggin' Todd's brown (maroon actually) trump big time here ..

Junk Issue #2 cover finalised..

Just sneaked Todd at Small City Customs insanely cool Triumph bobber into issue #2 - that's the lil' brown bike in the lower pane..

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Issue #2 Junk Motorcycle Magazine flyer 2..

Another little look..

Layer Cake..

Saw this film the other night on freeview - bit tasty or what? I thought so..

Issue #2 Junk Motorcycle Magazine.. (preview)

Here's a quick trailer for issue #2 of Junk - I am going to upload it as a webpage instead of the POS I put up to start with! What bugs me about that is my GoDaddy bs email forwarding never worked from the get-go so at least now I'll have a usable email address on the website.. Not as catchy as "subs@.. but it works.
I'm real excited to get this new issue out there soon.. Enjoy!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Shaun's 3T rat..

Shaun's lovely little 350 - posted because I wanted to put it on the JJ in a thread about right side stands..

Saturday, 8 January 2011


Finally I'm getting the better of my flu - which I've had since f'kin Xmas day! I haven't been able to do anything more than post off Junk magazines to the faithful.. Now I'm back laying-up pages on issue #2 and I can tell you it's gonna be a fuckin' corker #2 is! :)
Just heard from my homeboy Shawn from Oceanside and the plan is to get some good CA action into issue #3 including a few bikes already shot back in 09 because you have to love that sweet light in the golden state!