Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Bike shoot...

Yesterday I did a shoot for some European bike mags using buddy Shaun's sweet rat XL and Penelope Pipes, a new local model. Results seem to be pretty good - so I'm a happy chappy!

Surf life..

Snapped this candid pic of local sponsored surfer - hell, I forgot her name now but it was great surf that morning..


.. Doolin's owner Deb!

Doolin dawg..

Doolin.. my friend Deb's wheaten.. He's a real nice dog!

Kool S&S Pan..

This bike was brought into the 'shop the other day by my buddy Blake - he picked it up a few weeks back and plans on getting a little more paint on it - personally I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole as it's absolutely PERFECT to me..

Nice birds here..

The contrasts here in north county San Diego are simply staggering, one minute you can be burning down the highway to a bar or sweeping thru never ending curves down one of the nearby mountains, the next walking to the beach along a path next to a small lagoon teeming with wild life.. I ain't no wild life photographer but I got this shot within a minute of taking the cap off my camera lens..

Bike night..

Wednesdays are bike nights and this evening we had a blast down the coast highway to Swami's Beach - there was a killer sunset over the ocean to our right as we headed south; just our pack of three bikes tonight.. No photos possible sadly. Then we hammered it back up the I5 to Carlsbad and a couple PBRs in Hensleys.. Awesome night - hardcore riding!

Friday, 16 October 2009

Outta here...

Time for a beer - I'm outta here!


Went out this evening to pick up some food and beers. I got this lot for $9.66 inc tax! 12 buds, 1lb strawberries, 1lb cut ham, 2 iced teas, 1 gallon milk, cheetos.. How is that possible???? Coupons!

Sunny day in Oceanside..

It was stunning today here in Oceanside! Happy 'shop pic..

Ron's dawg..

And this is Mack - Ron's doggy.. 120 lbs of pure muscle there in that puppy!! Mastiff cross Rotty.

Ron Rogers.

This is my buddy Ron - he's a cool muthafucker..

'94 XL project..

The deal with this bike is I'm planning on keeping the full suspension set-up for the first time, but I have some trick ideas to make it look different. I will also lower the rear 1.5 inches..

'94 XL project..

As you can see today I removed all the uncool shit - except the front end-which I'm junking too for a narrow setup.. It is sooo cool using a donor bike - I have always had to build shit from scratch before - this is soo easy after that!

'94 XL project..

End day 1..

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Brand new project..

I bought this 91 XL yesterday as a donor for my next bike - I degreased her and steam-cleaned the motor as it was stained with an unknown fluid, warmed the motor up and took her out for a test ride. I stopped after 10 or so miles and checked for oil leaks - just a minor front rocker cover dribble so that was cool. I gave the bike a bit of hammer along the Coast Highway next - and she hauls ass - seems like a real strong motor in her.. I got home and had another quick look for leaks - all good so I made the deal!


It rained.. finally! 7 weeks dry spell broken. English drizzle today - yuk!

Thursday, 8 October 2009


This is where I live - for now anyways.. It's kinda neat and I like it!


..and this is some of my mess.. There's some magazines, my PC, tire gauge, VIP tickets to the strip joint (lol..) yessir, we's havin' some fun here between the wrenching..


This is me btw - today..

Richard's 1940 Ford Deluxe.

There must be 70 years between these two cars in age by my reckoning.. Richard still uses the '40 Ford as a daily beater.. It has a flathead V8 motor.

Richard Lux.

This guy is a real legend - Richard Lux: hot-rodder, bonneville racer, biker. It's meeting and learning from guys like Richard that makes life interesting..

'Shop bikes..

We handle the little and large, the Laurel & Hardy almost..

'Shop bikes..

I'm kinda out-of-time sequence here but I thought I'd post a couple pics of some bikes that have been thru the 'shop recently.. Sonny's Pan.

'Shop night..

Somewhat weird shot but it was that kinda night anyways. That's Laura, burred..

'Shop night..

Spent the other evening in the 'shop doing a little wrenching on our bikes and drinking beers..