Sunday, 22 April 2012

Knucklehead build progress..

OK Sorry no pictures yet but I have been busy scouring for parts to get this build on track.. I'm going down the patina route this time - wish I had last time as things ended up a little too "new" and soul-less for my tastes these days on my shovelhead build a couple years back. I've found a nice 18" early sportster rear wheel - with tire too; a nice patina'd steel brake plate/innards - just need a rear drum now & that's the back end sorted.. I needed to get cheaper at the front having paid about $200 for the rear wheel/tire complete so I went Japanese (as last time) & found a 21" Yamaha or Honda aluminum DID rim laced with decent sized spokes to a small drum brake & a trials type tire fitted too.. $70 inc. shipping from AZ. Cool..
I have found a great looking gas tank - basically a narrowed sporty design - but it's new & built that way - that limits me to a raw or painted finish - no patina on this piece; seat-wise I have my eye on another original '70s solo seat in vinyl - that may get too pricy on EB for me though. I am also bidding on a plain steel oil bag - again new but a nice shape cylindrical tank. It gets fun Ebaying when you get in the swing of it again!

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