Thursday, 12 April 2012

Knucklehead build..

Mike has seen a lot of older Harley motors over the years & rebuilt a whole bunch of them - he told me that the thrust in the rods at the big end had been lost - possibly due to an over-tight set-up - resulting in excess heat and abnormal wear. There may have been an oiling issue too - who knows? One of the main bearing outer races in the case had even loosened. The inside of the cases looked good though - no nasty surprises there. There was also wear in the cylinder bores - at +.030" now - we agreed that a .010" cut would sort that and new +.050" jugs & rings will be used. I need a new crank-pin - probably gonna use a three hole oiling version. Mike is going to take care of all the fiddly engineering jobs as he has the tools, jigs and the experience too! I want to watch and continue to pick up as much knowledge as possible though..
We are going to toss the camshaft too.

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