Thursday, 19 March 2009

shovel build trials & tribulations..

I still have a couple hours welding left to do tomorrow morning. Just the front pipe to finish, a return to put into the oilbag & the 'bars to final weld - I left the part I want the neatest 'till last! The amount & sheer variety of welding has brought my technique on in leaps & bounds - downside to that is you start to get picky - I was cursing my own crude tacks (made some weeks ago when I had the wrong Argon - for MIG - to be fair..). I worked 'round the rear pipe flange trying to stay neat but had to grind off a couple of gnarly tacks along the way! Perfection sucks but in welding it's a worthy goal IMO. Oh the trials.. yes, well I painted my frame with enamel rattle can, doing a frame is a whole diff ball-game to a tank or fender! I had forgotten just how much paint you get thru and how many hours sucking in those shitty fumes.. It sucked. I ended up with a load of runs.. Big old runs! I thought about it all evening & realised the finish I wanted for the frame was really a brush finish anyway. Traditional.. Tomorrow I'm going to cut off those big drips, flat back a little & hit it with the enamel again - this time with a brush..

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