Tuesday, 17 March 2009

shovel build progress..

I then systematically worked around the frame finishing off all the welds - mainly parts I have added since Martin Peters TIG'd the large frame joints. I inspected my welds as I went, they fell into 3 categories really - seams, overwelding for appearance & beefing up fillets on a few safety-related areas. I got everything done - it took about 4 hours almost non-stop welding. I'm going to prep the frame for paint tomorrow so I left the ancilliary parts like bars and pipes to be welded whilst the frame paint dries. I did do a bit on the sissybar first though - that's finished completely. Boy you can't beat doing a lot of welding for improving your technique, I was really flying by the end of the day. It's a kind of rite of passage for me this project because I have long dreamt of being able to weld really neatly & a few runs I did were virtually indistinguishable from Martin's work. I find the more you do the easier the really fiddly bits become, like tube shapes, getting into tight corners and dealing with problems that sometimes arise. Only downside was I knocked my beloved U.S. auto mask on the floor and cracked the shell a bit - but the workings were OK so no harm done.

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