Friday, 20 March 2009

Powder coating my frame now...

I decided to call up some buddies & see what powder coaters they'd used.. I got a tip about a firm 1 hour away that does a good job quickly. I called them up - the price was pretty reasonable for a complete service - blasting, zinc plating and powder finish. It gets very tiring sometimes trying to put together a bike for the minimum outlay. I just have to accept there are some processes I can't handle myself and paint is one of them. The mess and disruption (in a domestic environment) sucks, the paint fumes suck and the slow drying time sucks! OK I have made a decent fist of spraying the fender & the tank should be OK when it's done if my luck holds out but it's a bit too touch and go for my liking. At least I feel I understand my strengths and weaknesses after this build. I should've known really 'cuz I've been there before with home painting.. lack of funds meant I tried it again. For the last time tho'. Dues paid.

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