Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Planning the next BillyWhiz bike..

I'm just one of those guys that if I'm not building something or planning a build then I don't have any purpose in my life - & I'm an arse to live with too.. So I was thinking this last week about the future & I decided to have another pop at winning something shiny at the Bulldog Bash. Sometimes it's easier to have a definate deadline or aim to a build & so I came to that decision. I have said I'm over showbikes a few times but that is true in the sense that I'm over only for show bikes. Anything I build nowadays has got to have a primary purpose like a street bike & be showable too if needs be. I love the excitement of a big show and all that goes with it: groupies, free beer and drugs, oh sorry I was dreaming a bit there.. Seriously I do love all the down home englishness of camping, tinned beer and the smell of petulie oil on a warm summer breeze. Just need a reformed-for-the-night Led Zeppelin & it's about perfect!

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