Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Panhead build...

Bulldog Bash 2006 & 2007. I'm not a rest on my laurels kind of bloke so these are pretty seldom seen & in fact have been tucked away in my shop but I'm glad to have them as they have good memories attached. Those are both runner up pots so I still have to get gold instead of silver!


  1. cool trophies mate. But I have a 2008 winners one!!
    He-He! . just joshing ya . I am not really a black catter type of bloke. It would be cool to both be in the Bulldog 2009 show.
    Would be great to meet up and chew the fat about bikes and old skateboarding days.

  2. I will be entering this year.. What about you? Looking fwd to going as I missed last year's Bash as I was in California!! Yeah it would be great to natter about sk8ing and bikes.. ;-)

  3. so far all being well I'll be there.
    lookin forward to a dry Bulldog

  4. That'll be dry in terms of the weather I assume - not alcohol? ;-)