Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Panhead build seeds..

I plan to run a disc brake on a 16" Harley rear rim which I have stashed, front will be a small super-cool drum I happened upon. 21" front rim, with a trials tire on there. I haven't decided on a tank yet for sure, nor oilbag but I can see that being horseshoe again. There's not going to be any chrome to speak of, a lot of black powder & it's going to run low.. real low! I'm very influenced by what the Japs are doing at the moment with Pans and other old motors. I'm staying rigid rear though - although I could make a swing-arm bike I prefer the purity of a rigid rear. I just have to keep the finish high-end really and it'll work, 60 pc show 40 pc street balance. I am budgeting in a good paint job from a serious artist too, although it will be subtle. I'm doing all the welding myself as I'm getting my coding in the summer and so it'll be certified quality throughout. I will make pipes, bars, controls, and some kind of one-off carb inlet manifold to set it apart from the stockers in that dept. If funds permit I will run a magneto and an S.U. carb for sure. Internal throttle and foot clutch/hand shifter are a must on this project.

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