Saturday, 19 September 2009

Gonna tell you a little story..

I been tuning up my new ride this week & the best thing about being at the 'shop is the stories you get to hear.. Hanging out at cousin Tony's the other day, I was chatting to some of the boys and the subject got onto jail time for some reason or other. One of the good old boys there told us he'd spent an overnighter someplace like the county slammer and been in with a really mad dude that was awaiting the judge for evading the law and worse. This guy had apparently decided to try and outrun the boys in blue in a car headed south. He was chased right down to San Diego where he crashed his car presumably downtown because he started legging it across the Coronado bridge (an impressive structure a couple hundred feet high) - a canine was sent after him and the guy jumped with the dog close behind. The police dog died from the fall into the water and the guy ended up get charged for killing an officer - as is the law here!

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