Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Fucked up...

I just fucked up.. I was comin' along State, hung a left at Grand.. there's lights there, but I had a green.. looked left, made the turn slow-ish and a pedestrian appears in the road 10 foot in front of me, hit the front brake - yep down the bike goes! I replayed the scenario half hour after by hitting the button & yes sir, the "walk" sign lights but the main vehicle lights are at green - doh! Put that one down to experience then. Could've been somewhat worse in fact..


  1. I take it you're OK, hope so. Bikes can be repaired or replaced. Thanks for sharing so that others can learn from the circumstances.

    Ride on,

  2. I'm fine, thanks - but it was a salutary lesson - still don't know if the lights sequence was faulty or it was my fault.. Find out later.