Monday, 7 February 2011

Junk manifesto..

I'm really starting to get excited that one idea I had at the get-go when musing about creating a new magazine - the concept of an advert-free motorbike mag - might actually be possible.. Standard practise tells us not; when some little rags, like the freebies are almost nothing but ads. Now I am not having a pop at any other magazine here, neither am I an advert-hater but really; when you have to trawl thru page after page of glossy insurance ads or the already-well-known major parts supplier's catalogues.. it sometimes gets a but much! I just dug the idea of Junk being a little more elegant somehow. It is nigh on impossible to do a magazine devoid of ads if you have a bunch of big overheads like building rent, staff and investers to pay out of the pot, but that's the advantage a micro-business has (probably one of the only advantages).
1 man, 1 camera, 1 pc.. :)
With the support of all our new subscribers across the U.K., the U.S. and further afield we can perhaps achieve my vision of a features-only magazine I think. So, please consider a sub if you haven't already, and help be a part of something a bit different maybe..?!!!


  1. It's an ideal worth chasing mate, but principles don't pay the rent. Take the filthy lucre if push comes to shove.

  2. YES but NO.. - I'm going to try and keep this ONE magazine free of clutter - but IF they come along I will run adverts on the inner and outer back cover and the inner front.. It's about something more than profit for me this proj!!
    I think ppl will come to thank me & if there's enough direct sales it will probably work.. :)

    Nice to hear your comment man.