Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Junk issue #2 progress..

Well, it's early days but issue #2 of Junk looks set to be a corker.. I have decided to soothe eyes blurred by the short winter days & minds depressed by the pitiful amount of sun we see here at this time of year with two of the greatest Harley chops I have ever seen - shot in California & Nevada last year but never seen until issue 2. And if that ain't enough I am featuring some .45 flathead fun in the snow from Germany plus all the usual junk! More as I make it up..! Keep watchin' this space!


  1. yo Billy - whats up !

    hope alls well over there, looks like you got some good shit going on -- shawn

  2. DUDE!!!! I am at last busy ha ha! No more holidays.. ;) I'm coming back soon - got any accom ideas? (Oceanside area - no bike building involved this time) I am going to put your ol' sporty in an upcoming issue Shawn - so fame beckons lol.. Seriously, I want to spend some time in Oceanside this spring - maybe from April - June - ish! Great to hear from you man! :) Billy

  3. may have some cheap acomm Ideas for you - hit me at ambrosesurfboards at gmail dot comm

    In late april we will be riding to my buddies prpoerty in arizona the same week as Laughlin, for our own run we dubbed the "dirt town git down"

    there will be beers aplenty as well as firearmes and a tatoo artist!

    last year was a blast, the property is a few miles out a dirt road and the ride was shitkickin good times last year, so you may have to wrangle up a bike to ride out here

    btw re building the oil pump on my fxr shovel as we speak gettin here ready for another season of riding in the high dessert to dirt town and mammoth

    maybe a new cam as well while I'm in there!

    how do we find your mag over here? and let me know if you need an oside crrespondent ! hahah