Monday, 9 February 2009

Long time 'till breakfast...

I made a cock-up last weekend & spent all my cash on parts & welding gas to try and get my bike looking somewhere near finished.. I was sure I could get by on my food stock - but I'd not really checked! The week wore on & I got thru all my food by friday - the temps plummeted as the weather became really shitty.. I prayed my next cheque would come early - it has been known to happen but; sod's law; not this time. The weekend I was left with half a packet of Weetabix, no milk but sugar luckily, which ran out sunday eve. Today I bought a packet of cuppa soup - basic grade for 20pence. My last 20p! At least now when I watch those tv shows about survival I have a better idea what it really feels like. Gnarly is what.. Roll on tomorrow is all I can say!

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