Wednesday, 28 January 2009

shovel build progress..

I toyed with a few unorthodox concepts to try & get my cake & eat it - so to speak! I love jockey shifts but of course on a Harley it is LHS.. So first I looked at taking the hand shift thru the frame where I could operate it with my right hand whilst holding clutch on the left 'bar.. BUT I could see trouble clearing the rear cylinder exhaust pipe! So I thought about a foot clutch.. nope I didn't fancy that (I'm a wuss, I know). OK here's an idea - I have never seen this but I'm certain it will work - and I think I can make the part: I'm going to fab a clutch lever that operates normally until you get it right in then it locks (I can operate the jock shift left handed then) when I squeeze further the lever releases.. In theory. Ha!

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